Level 3: The Ultimate Arcade

The final level of the exhibit, the "heart" of VIDEOTOPIA, features home and arcade videogames from throughout the twenty five year history of the industry. The role of the player directing the experience and the effects of the experience on the player are emphasized.

The objectives of level three are threefold. The first goal is to impress upon the visitor a sense of their role in the videogame experience. The second goal is to educate the visitor about the links between popular culture and the games. The final goal is to provide the visitor with an immediate and accessible representation of technological and game design innovations.

Level three features 60 to 85 (depending on the host institution's exhibit hall) of the most technologically significant and/or commercially successful arcade videogames and the most significant home videogame systems. Every game has been fully restored, and visitors are encouraged to use their "power up tokens" to play these classic and modern games in "The Ultimate Arcade" experience. The collections provide a chronology of the industry and give examples of technological progression, cultural impact, and creative genius. Each game is positioned in its appropriate historical, cultural, and technological context.


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