Level 1: Dreams & Designs

Level one examines the creative elements in the origin and evolution of the videogame and introduces the individuals that pioneered the industry. This level includes an inside look at the industry itself and a review of the videogame art form.

The "Giants of the Industry" station will soon feature interactive multimedia interviews with prominent current and former members of the videogame industry. These individuals will give an insider's perspective on the evolution and scope of the industry.

A second area shows the process of videogame design from beginning to end and demonstrates how the vision of the creator is influenced by the medium of technology and the perceived desires of the end user. Level one also includes a "Career Paths and Educational Opportunities" station to familiarize everyone with some of the diverse areas of endeavor that relate to videogames. If you are interested in getting involved with videogames, this area will truly be of interest.


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