Electronics Conservancy

The Electronics Conservancy is an organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of artifacts and information detailing the history of the electronic medium, as well as the use of these artifacts in informing and educating. We feel that the significance of this media, which has often been viewed as a passing fad, has been instrumental in the mainstream acceptance of computers and has acted as a catalyst in their development. We believe the time has come for a serious examination of their almost incalculable impact on modern society, not only in the United States, but worldwide. A traveling museum exhibit is the ideal vehicle for this long deserved recognition. Having witnessed the destruction of the majority of these games and fearing the loss of their historical importance, we have spent years assembling a collection of over 400 rare machines, forming what may be the most complete collection in the world. We have also gained and will continue to seek information and artifacts from many first-hand sources in order to catalogue and preserve the history encompassing this art form.

The Electronics Conservancy also maintains a collection of every home system ever released in the United States, as well as classic and important personal and industrial computers, and an extensive library of software.

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